Principles of the Service

The provision of a broad and balanced music education for all young people in school.

Music combines intellect and feeling to enable personal expression, reflection and emotional development. The need to encourage and develop musical feeling, thinking and enjoyment through participation in composing, performing and appraising (listening to and talking about) is fundamental to the work of the service.

The provision of a high quality instrumental teaching service that promotes the value and importance of instrumental tuition. The Music Service seeks to work in close partnership with all Bexley schools to provide a service that matches their individual needs.

The provision of a broad and balanced programme of music making opportunities for young people in Bexley.

Participation in bands, ensembles, orchestras, choirs and other music making activities supports the development of pupils’ sense of achievement, self-worth, self-discipline, self confidence and social awareness.

The ability and willingness to offer schools, pupils, parents and carers comprehensive advice about playing, maintaining and sustaining their instrumental programme.

Valuing pupils’ understanding, skill, experience and attitudes is fundamental to the work of the Service.