Mission Statement

The Bexley Music Education Hub seeks to continue to strengthen, expand and enrich the existing provision and to exploit the impact of music, thereby improving the quality and the range of Music Education opportunities for Bexley’s children, young people and adults.

Bird College, as the lead organisation for the Bexley Music Education Hub, will continue to build on and extend the current high quality and varied music opportunities, which exist throughout Bexley, ‘joining up’ the provision, and seeking new partnerships within and outside the borough, in order to provide a comprehensive and diverse range of music opportunities, available to all.

Access will be available to high quality music education through the opportunity of learning to play an instrument, learning to sing, to make music with others and to draw upon the benefit of working with professional role models. Our vision is founded on the belief that everyone should receive encouragement to develop high aspirations for their musical engagement in formal, non-formal and informal settings.