About the Service

Music making opportunities for Bexley musicians

Bird College Music Service aims to enrich the lives of children, young people and adults within the Borough of Bexley, by providing opportunities for them to become actively involved in a wide variety of music activities.

Bird College is the lead organisation for the Bexley Music education hub which aims to ensure that all pupils have equal access to high quality music education. We employ a team of specialised instrumental and class music teachers to deliver a wide range of musical activities who are all DBS checked and regularly monitored to ensure that delivery is of the highest standard.

We recognise and embrace the wealth of important skills and attributes that music can develop in our learners:

Boosting pupils’ social development
Improving learning skills
Fostering team working
Building life skills
Underpinning improved behaviour
Encouraging creativity
Music is an educational building block, is fun, is for life and is for everyone

Music supports learners with special educational needs to develop confidence, improve coordination, develop fine motor skills and to engage in positive activities.