Tutorial system

Tutorial support for students

At points in our life we all face times that are more challenging.  To assist in coping during these times we provide you with a personal tutor and you will be given the opportunity to meet with them on a regular basis, either individually or as a member of a group.

The role of a Personal Tutor is to support you in your development, ensuring that you gain the most from your time as a student. You are able to discuss both academic and personal matters that could affect your progression at Bird College.

The Personal Tutor system will:

  • support your personal and academic needs
  • support your ability to self manage
  • help to ensure your health and well-being
  • provide a support structure that is secure and promotes an ‘open door’ policy

You will be placed in a tutor group with a mixture of students from across your year.  This will normally take place during the first few weeks of the new academic year. Your tutor will also be a member of the teaching staff and therefore will be likely to teach you.

You will meet with your Personal tutor and your tutor group once every month.  In these meetings you can discuss all manner of things. There will be specific things your tutor will need to cover but these meetings are essentially for you to share and seek support.  You will also see your tutor individually.

Technical and Academic tutorials are also available to all students throughout their study.

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