Students aged 16 years at the commencement of their course and who are not resident at home during term-time are obliged to reside with College-approved landlords/ladies. Students aged 17+ can arrange their own accommodation and may wish to share flats or houses. Also for students aged 18+ there are a limited number of flats available at the University of Greenwich, Avery Hill Campus, approximately one mile away.

The College is only too aware of the importance of good accommodation for students. Estate Agents frequently submit lists to the College of flats, houses and bed-sits for rent in the area and these are made available. In addition, some places living with local families are available, all of which are given a seal of approval by the College Office. Alternatively, students may make their own arrangements. For further information please contact:

London with its wealth of theatres, art galleries and museums is only a short train ride away and possession of a student card could discount travel, museum, gallery and theatre tickets. Contact: College Office

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