Harry Alexander  Harry Alexander

‘I was motivated, pushed and trained by some great teachers at Bird College during my 3 years. What I learnt will always stay with me and has proved to be a very strong foundation for my growth as a performer. I loved every minute of my training and if I could go back I would do it all over again.’

Photo: James Rowbotham


Kieran Daley Ward  Kieran Daley-Ward

‘In my opinion Bird offers the best training across the board in all aspects of dance. Training from the best, to help shape and create the best.’


Tajana Bunton Williams  Tajana Bunton-Williams

‘My 3 years at Bird has made me the performer I am today. Not just my performance skill, but it strengthened and toughened me to work in this profession. My year group were a family, and I made life-long friends and still remain in contact with a lot of the teachers.

I wouldn’t change my experience for the world; the early mornings, late nights, ballet assessments, audition practice, guest teachers, agent showcase, summer shows, parties at the flat, being told off for not wearing lipstick, was all well worth it today. Now, when someone asks where I trained, I am proud and honoured to say Bird College.’


Kieran Taylor  Kieran Taylor

‘My time at Bird summed up? An amazing experience … Bird allowed me to fulfil an ambition exploring my creative side, with great mentoring, to take with me into the professional industry. The training was 2nd to none and without a doubt lives up to its reputation – exceptional!’