Funding for the Diploma

The Dance and Drama Awards

The Dance and Drama Awards (DaDA) are scholarships funded by the Young People’s Learning Agency and are for individuals who want to become professional dancers, actors or stage managers. The Dance and Drama Awards are given to students who display the most talent and potential at their audition.

The Awards offer greatly reduced tuition fees but the student will be asked to make a contribution. They will also provide access to income assessed support to help with living costs and student fees contribution.

You will only be eligible to receive a Dance and Drama Award if you take the Trinity College London qualifications. These courses last between one and three years and are at National Diploma or Certificate level, such as the National Diploma in Musical Theatre course offered here at Bird College.

Following a review of the scheme in 2012, the government has confirmed that from 2013:

  • Funding for the DaDA scheme will remain at approximately £14m per year
  • Students who are the most talented and likely to succeed in the industry will be eligible to apply for means-tested support towards fees and living costs.
  • New students who are offered awards will be funded to the end of their courses
  • Arrangements for DaDA students who received their awards for courses starting prior to 2013 will remain unchanged. Income assessment of the Awards means that support for students from low income households will be increased. For example, a student whose annual household income is under £30,000 will pay no fees for their course. If their household income is under £21,000 they will also receive up to a maximum of £5,185 per annum in a grant to help with living costs. Details of the levels of support available are published on the DfE website at the following link: studentsupport/a00203099/dada-scheme

Features of the new scheme

  • It is anticipated that about the same total number of students will receive DaDA awards on the revised scheme as received them on the original scheme.
  • New students from low income households will receive more support than before, those from middle income households about the same, and those from higher income households will contribute more than at present.
  • All funding awarded is in the form of a grant (not a loan) so does not need to be repaid in the future.
  • A student’s contribution to fees will be the same irrespective of which DaDA provider s/he chooses to study with.

Applying for a DaDA Nineteen providers have been selected to offer DaDAs to students, in order of talent, in accordance with the level of support as determined by income assessment. Students intending to apply for an award should contact a vocational DaDA school directly to enquire if it has any DaDA funding available. The nineteen providers are all quality assured by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) and the eligible courses are validated by Trinity College London. Most have additional accreditation with either the Council for Dance Education and Training and/or Drama UK. DaDAs are only available to students studying for the following Trinity College London (TCL) qualifications: • Level 6 Diploma in Professional Acting • Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance • Level 6 Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre • Level 5 Diploma in Professional Acting • Level 5 Diploma in Professional Dance (Ballet or Contemporary Dance) To be eligible for an award a student must: • be an EU citizen and have been living in the EU for 3 continuous years immediately before the start of the course • have ‘settled’ status • have indefinite leave to remain in the UK