BA (Hons) Syllabus

Year One

Year 1 is conceived as a ‘starter pack’ where the principles of performance work are introduced through a series of discrete but related disciplines at the end of which students are expected to have achieved:

  • a basic working knowledge and acquisition of a variety of dancing, singing and acting performance techniques
  • a basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of a dancer’s body, body maintenance and care, and common injuries
  • acquisition of fundamental observational skills required to appreciate the qualitative range and variation within dance and musical theatre performance
  • a language of appreciation which allows students to perceive and communicate components of the performing arts and which enables them to make an intuitive and critical response to performance work
  • ability to connect the theory and the practical in a variety of performance contexts

Dance Study

Musical Theatre Study

Performance Workshop
Musical Theatre


History of Performing Arts
Dance Science
Music Theory
Independent Professional Study


Year Two

Year 2 involves an extension and reinforcement of experiences introduced in Year 1. The emphasis in second year study is towards the highest possible acquisition of executant skills and the occasional relating of these to in-house production contexts and the annual performance. The learning outcomes are summarised as having achieved:

  • technique and performance development in terms of difficulty, complexity and extended range
  • increasing awareness of a range of spoken word contexts including personal exploration of duo and trio relationships, correct use of voice dialects and ways in which to analyse scripted pieces
  • strong vocal techniques and a personal repertoire of solo songs in varying style
  • a formal language of dance and music analysis
  • ability to explore, analyse and reflect upon visits to West End performances
  • application of technique through in-house performances and the annual show

Dance Practice

Musical Theatre Practice

Performance Project
Musical Theatre

Further Perspectives
Analysis and Appreciation

Dance Psychology and Somatics

Independent Professional Development


Year Three

In the final year of study attention is turned to specific concerns of the professional theatre and principles of company membership. ‘It reflects the synthesis of knowledge, skills and competence and equips students with tools of analysis and evaluation’ (University of Greenwich Academic Framework 1997 (p.53).

By the end of the third year students will be able to:

  • plan and organise their programme to their individual needs
  • understand and respond to the demands of company class
  • command secure technique
  • perform Musical Theatre repertoire
  • perform Dance repertoire
  • achieve technical and artistic development to professional level
  • understand, evaluate and respond to theatrical discipline and company membership
  • critically appraise and reflect upon theoretical perspectives and their relevance to personal and company performance
  • plan and carry out a significant piece of individual research which demonstrates a range of critical and evaluative skills, and share this with teachers and peers through an appropriate presentational mode.
  • attend auditions with confidence
  • review and evaluate contractual and administrative procedures related to employment within the profession

Dance Performance

Musical Theatre Performance

Core Skills
Dance, Singing, Acting

Independent Project