BA (Hons) Aims and Skills

Educational Aims

The aim of the degree is to create graduates who are equipped with diverse skills and strengths in the dance and musical theatre genres. The structure of the degree will develop your artistic and academic potential in a culturally supportive setting. In each course of study you will gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your own strengths and expertise in dance and musical theatre in relation to the demands of the profession you aim to join. You will be provided with opportunities to gain a theoretical understanding and critical awareness of the key performance skills which include dance, singing and acting. You will also learn to work effectively both independently and as part of a team and acquire transferable skills.

As a graduate of this degree your expertise in the various forms of performance will allow you to compete in the ever-changing landscape of performance. You will become a thoughtful, versatile and highly skilful performer who will sustain a long career in the various facets of the Musical Theatre and Dance industry.

Summary of Skills

Through the programme of study you will develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of dance and musical theatre performance through the practical and theoretical application of these skills. You will gain the intellectual skill needed to examine the historical and cultural developments in dance and musical theatre. You will gain technical skills in the individual elements of singing, acting and in dance and then transfer this knowledge to a performance context. You will develop critical reflection skills through self, peer and group evaluation. You will be encouraged to become intellectually curious and be provided with the necessary skills for continuing artistic and professional development. You will be given the opportunity and training to improve your performance skills in both a Musical Theatre and Dance setting. Developing you as a ‘Creative Artist’ will also be a strong feature on this programme allowing you to evolve creatively and reach your artistic and idiosyncratic potential. Your literacy, numeracy and ICT skills will be enhanced allowing you to engage in academic writing, problem solving, presentations and self employed skills (including tax responsibilities) and provide you with necessary transferable skills.