Preparing for auditions

Our chance to get to know you better

Auditions take place between November and May. Most auditions take place at the College site, but we do also run some interview days around the UK. Candidates for the degree and diploma courses are normally expected to have received some prior dance training, ideally to Intermediate 1 standard. All candidates must successfully pass the College Audition in order to be offered a place.

The audition is a carefully conceived assessment and is conducted by senior teachers at the College. It will assess your current and potential skills in dance, singing and drama, as well as your suitability for a career in the theatre profession.

Through an individual interview, personal qualities such as motivation, communication and flexibility are assessed and career aspirations are discussed. Our aim is to ensure that we advise you on the most appropriate programme for your development. Candidates are notified of their audition date and procedure once we have received their completed application form, fee and enclosures.

Applicants who reside outside the UK may also audition by DVD. Please contact the college for further details.